Students who DO NOT fill this form will NOT be able to take the course

Why am I Filling This Form?

If you are planning to take PHYS200 in the spring semester, you are REQUIRED to fill in this form.

As you will notice during registration, PHYS200 's opened with a capacity of ZERO and we allow the students to register ONLY IF they are eligible. The purpose of this registration is to keep the population of this course at a maximum of 64 students (32 per section), since this is our upper limit in the PC lab.

Who is Eligible for FALL Semester?

ONLY IF you satisfy one or more of the following criteria:

  1. The student should be in his/her 3rd semester (i.e NEVER taken the course before) OR
  2. The student shouldn't have taken any 2nd year must courses in his/her 5th semester.

Who is Eligible for SPRING Semester?

ONLY IF you satisfy one or more of the following criteria:

  1. You have taken this course and failed OR you would like to improve your grade (lower than or equal to CC).
  2. You are a double major student (main major in Physics or Other Departments - you are eligible in either case).

Are There Exceptions?

If you have extraordinary circumstances such as chronic illness, semester leave-of-absence permissions etc. please justify briefly your reason at the end of this form.

We will evaluate your case and may allow you to take the course now if there is room left in the lab. NO GUARANTEES!

How do I Know If My Application is Accepted? How do I Register Afterwards?

The deadline for the submission of this form is the end of the second day of the add-drop period. Within a day of your submission of the form, you will receive confirmation of your registration (or denial thereof). At that point, wait for our instructions.

Active Semester: SPRING