Basics of Scientific Computation

The Course

First Meeting (Week 1)

All students are required to attend the first meeting. Please follow posts in the department for date and time. There will be NO LAB in this week.

Code and Credits:

PHYS 200 - 2300200 - 3 credits



Gain the ability to convert problems into algorithms and solving them using a computer language.

Course Material

There will be no formal textbook. Lecture Presentations will be made available online.


Visit calendar of events in FAQ.

At the beginning of each semester, three sections (Section 11, 12 & 13) of the course will be opened with ZERO CAPACITY. Following the add-drop period, the students will be registered by the instructors according to their semester schedule. 

1. The student doesn't satisfy any of the regular conditions listed above.

2. The student is a double major student (originating either from Physics or another department)

The number of students for each semester is limited to 64. After applying above rules if there are still empty seats left then they will be filled by the student's entrance semester to the department: the oldest will get the first empty seat (for both FALL or SPRING semester).

Structure & Schedule

The course will consist of 

You will get a chance to practice what you have learnt during the lecture. The following lab days are fixed for both semesters:

You will attend the lab hours in one of three sections:

The lab is in the basement: take the first right past the foyer, go through the swinging doors, turn right and walk straight ahead. There are 32 PC’s set up for your use in the lab. 

Your Lab section is determined according to your schedule. Lab sections will be assigned by the instructors and will be announced at the beginning of the second week of the semester.




INTEGRITY is very important for us.

We definitely DO NOT tolerate CHEATING.

Please DO NOT attempt it!

Rules for mid-term and final exams

Warnings - Technical

Warnings - Others


Content of the exam:

Question types:


Content of the exam:

Question types:

Guru Mode

Since we do not offer any kind of exemption from this course, the "GURU MODE" is a special treatment that we apply to students who have EXTENSIVE background in coding and wish to challenge themselves further than the typical student taking this course. Students applying to take this course in the GURU mode are expected to work harder, with more challenging projects.

Applying for guru mode doesn't guarantee the guru mode. We will look at your claim and make a case-by-case decision.

Who can apply for guru mode?

What is expected from a guru?


How to apply