Selecting Projects

  • You are expected to complete 4 projects. No more, no less!

  • There are two sets of projects: scientific and purely computational. You MUST choose at least one from each category.

  • Each project will have a grade point which also represents its difficulty level. You are expected to complete a minimum of 8 points from the projects listed. The grade points you collected will not have any effect on final project grading. Therefore, total points collected might be larger than 8 points.

  • There is no restriction in the order of projects. However, we encourage you to start from the less difficult one. We also advice to beginners that they should submit at least two easy ones as early as possible.

  • If you know what to do you can start working on them right away.

Project Period

  • Starting from W10 (11th week) only project works will be discussed during the lab hours.

  • Come to lab as usual, your instructors will be there to help you with your projects.

  • You will have to attend to full 2 hours and attendance will be taken at the end of lab hours.


  • All of your projects must contain functions inside.

  • YOUR WORK MUST BE YOURS! Even though you can get help and advise from your friends, you must complete all projects alone and NOT work and/or code together with other people. Proper action will be taken for students who copy others’ work.

  • You are NOT allowed to use any packages or special functions of Python with the exception of math and any other ones specifically mentioned.

  • You are NOT allowed to look up any of the codes on the internet. You can only look up syntax. Example : If you are expected to write a sorting program, you cannot use search phrases such as "Sorting algorithm", "How to do a sort using Python". You can, on the other hand, search for specific tasks such as "How to add a number to an array".

Modules & Libraries

  • The list of libraries which are allowed to use: random, math, system

  • The list of libraries which are NOT allowed to use: scipy, numpy


  • Everything is done in a digital medium. Therefore no exception is allowed for the deadlines.

  • We advice you to submit two easy projects 1 week after the Mid-term exam.

  • All projects have to be submitted at the end of the semester term.

  • Login to ODTUClass for the current semester schedule and deadlines.